Shellexecute() Autorun API Open Browser Fix (Solved)

Register FF Web browser free Fix  that start the default FF Web browser with the ShellExecute() issue which interrupts application programming interface (API) to execute FF (firefox browser). This article also helps how to launch ShellExecute() using FF Uniform Resource Locator (URL)  autorun the call fix if this error found. See in Pic
Registry Entries that evolved in this process
Call the …

Microsoft Solution Download Center Fixit

Hardware devices are not working or are definitely not detected in Windows Immediately diagnose and fix problems with hardware.  (USB) Mice and keyboards usually are not detected by the machine manager or when they aren’t working.
Diagnose and fix sound recording and problems immediately Diagnose and repair good and audio problems on your desktop when your computer does not record sound,  …

Change Windows Xp-Vista-7-8 File Association Using CMD

A really basic property of a file is it’s file type. Each file type incorporates a set of specific actions that is carried out for it or to the idea. The software that is assigned to accomplish these actions with as well as to a particular document type is considered to be “associated” with your file type. There could be …

Upgrade Vista-Windows 7 to Windows 8

A lot of people will opt to purchase a fresh PC with Windows 8 pre-installed, others will upgrade existing PCs towards the revamped operating system. St. Pierre reported Microsoft made a commitment with Windows 7 to be sure the OS works on a variety of PCs and “we’ve continued that motivation with Windows 8, ” the lady said. There are …

Windows 8 tips

Windows 8 – 10 valuable tips and tricks
These Windows 8 tricks and tips helps anyone with the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. Many of the followings can be done solely utilizing a keyboard and a mouse and some may be performed even by contact enthusiasts. Many were tested in that Windows 8 developer preview version so they are often removed …

Free Networking Monitoring Tools

When you’ve got a website or a network,  it really is quite wise to continue tabs on it plus fix any issues whenever they occur.  The most easiest and handy method of doing it is by utilizing any server/network monitoring tool that can monitor your infrastructure for almost any problems that may occur.  Several free and open origin server and …

Speed up my computer free

Speed up Your computer free Tip
1-Run notepad From Menu
2-write these contents in the notepad file:
*mystring=(80000000)* without asterisk
3- Save it to your desktop of your computer and
4- Name it “ram.vbe” without quotes
5- Now close notepad and Save file
6- Double click on this vb script file named ram.vbe file on your destopt
Nothing will open but your
computer will get faster.
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Antivirus Test 2012

Test Your Anti virus 2012 Tips.
Do you have an anti-virus program.
You can test its working you can checkout yourself with how your anti-virus software behaves when it detects a virus, before it really happens. One
quick way to do this is to use the EICAR Anti-Virus Test File.
This is a test file that will cause no damage to your system and
still …

Top Tech Twitter Accounts To Follow

The goal of this article is to follow top Twitter tech accounts which should be to get you started if you’re brand-new to twitter or round out your number if you’re by now on twit. The list is suitable if you are interested in using with technological know-how trends.
Computer Technical  Websites / Publications Twitter Accounts to Follow

These …

Windows 8 Rights Petination Launched

Advocates for software user protection under the law has launched a petition against technology in Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, saying it might turn PCs into Windows-only machines.
The technology in question, Protected Boot, was designed to prevent malware from infecting pcs during startup, before Windows and all involving its built-in security features are launched.
Secure Boot works by confirming that …