Sim Card Verification (PTA Website)

Do you know, how any Sim Cards issued against your Id Card.? PTA is now launched a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) to address risks on security and to ensure subscription regulations in cellular telephone sector.
The project motive is to facilitate consumers in Pakistan by which they would find out the total number of SIM(s) registered against their respective CNIC number with each mobile operator. Her is the Direct Link to PTA Website to check your Id Card against your Sim check out.

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  1. admin says:

    Really Nice and still working link ..

  2. Muhammad irshad says:

    for sim informition of my name

  3. admin says:

    I have mentioned the direct link in the post for PTA Sim verification please look at the post again that link leads you to the sim verification link

  4. Ali nawaz khan says:

    it is very good information that u have provide we easily verified our sim or we know the acknowledgment of our nic is used valid or not

  5. Ali nawaz khan says:

    it is good for all user to verify there sim and verify there nic sim.

  6. Ali nawaz khan says:

    its very good information that pta have provide.