Shellexecute() Autorun API Open Browser Fix (Solved)

Register FF Web browser free Fix  that start the default FF Web browser with the ShellExecute() issue which interrupts application programming interface (API) to execute FF (firefox browser). This article also helps how to launch ShellExecute() using FF Uniform Resource Locator (URL)  autorun the call fix if this error found. See in Pic

Registry Entries that evolved in this process

Call the ShellExecute() API and pass it a URL.

How ShellExecute Interprets the URL Passed

ShellExecute() parses the string that is passed to it so that ShellExecute can extract either a protocol specifier or an extension. Next, ShellExecute() looks in the registry and then uses either the protocol specifier or the extension to determine which application to start
We have developed a tool If FF installed on the Windows Xp Sp2 box than this tool is best to solve the issue.
No Screen output shown when run.

File size: 290865 bytes
Filetype: PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
MD5: f707ee86dba1ac7984f47152aca43626
SHA1: 0213b9fac57f5ed3905e577ec3726f340dd5243b

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