Real Methods Earn From Google Adsense

Hey guys I haven’t contributed much to the great community here yet so it is  post help someone who is really struggling earn from google adsense. This is aimed to help dozens of newbies out there who aren’t creating any money yet or for those who want to make more capital on auto pilot =).

Using adsense I am finally making a steady $ 850 per month on complete auto pilot. (PS there are no shortcuts to making money online and it requires work and time)

1. Use micro niche finder and google keywords tool to find keywords and I get rid of anything with higher than 25 SOC in MNF. I choose keywords with consistent trends and make sure it gets at least 2400 local search using the exact search NOT broad.

2. I check my competition for the top 5 results in google and check if they have under 500 back links each. Obviously the less backlinks they have the better for you.

3. purchase a domain with my keyword inside. I only choose. com. net and. org domains.

4. Install wordpress and choose an adsense ready theme – doesn’t need to be anything fancy, in fact all my sites themes are really basic.

5. Write a piece of writing about 400-1000 words(sometimes when im writing articles things just flow into my mind and I merely keep writing and writing). be certain keyword density is between 1%-4%. make certain I have good on web page seo – Title, H1 tags, or anything else. I use a free plan called traffic travis and make use of the page analysis function to check my pages for on page seo and ensure they get at least an A or A+.

6. I have only 4 pages on my sites. Main page where the article is on, about us, contact us, and privacy policy. – The privacy policy page is SOOOO important and yet so many people miss out on it giving google a reason to ban them when they start making a decent income with adsense. – Install the easy privacy policy plugin or something similar and you’ll be fine.

7. WHEN I put a 336×280 adsense text ad underneath the title. A 300×250 adsense image ad on the sidebar, and then a 468×60 word and image adsense ad directly following on from the post.

8. Now that your site is ready you gotta promote it and have it to the first page of google. Time to develop links! There are 2 ways which i have tested developing links for these websites:

– Spin my article to as a minimum 30% unique then i submit to article publication sites and web 2. 0 sites like squidoo, hubpages, etc and link all back to my own website. Then Social Bookmark and ping each url i create to be sure they get listed. + I submit each of the rss feeds.

– cost-free method which i prefer as well as being much easier is utilizing angela and pauls user profile backlinks. I WILL NOT vary my point text. And my spouse and i keep building these backlinks and sociable bookmark and ping every link i make. You won’t see final results right away simply because probably won’t possibly be indexed yet nonetheless usually after related to 2 weeks i see a huge jump in the serps. Some people could possibly argue that it’s not good never to vary your single point text but thus far its been fine with luck and im however at 1st or 2nd position for each single one of my keywords. And i build countless links as i can be bothered with day after day.

And yeah that’s it guys I stop or reduce on my url building once i get to 1st or following position of yahoo and google for my selected keyword. Just if anybody wondering relating to about 60 worth mentioning sites and it took me about 50 % a years work to get to here. And yes in the end the hard job and link constructing and boring stuff then you can relax afterwards once your webblog is on the 1st page of yahoo making you quality money. All the websites combined I make about $ 30 per day, doesn’t seem like much but hello its on finish auto pilot and its the most beneficial waking up each morning and seeing i’ve designed about $ 30 every day for doing nothing at all.

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