We accept been studying, practicing and honing our SEO abilities since 2005, an eternity in internet timescales. This means that our breadth of knowledge and experience is wider than most, there is no SEO problem or challenge we cannot confidently take on. Our experience in website development and System tools Building. It means that we also understand the technical end and server end of SEO and System behaviour. Our SEO clients will never have a canonical URL problem, a robots.txt file problem or .htaccess file issue; all of which can cause massive ranking problems for a site. We have seen Google completely drop a site from its top ranking position because the client’s web designers removed a robots file. We have seen new clients with robots files that specifically refuse Googlebot from indexing their site. We accept anchored endless approved URL and duplicate content problems with effective use of a htaccess file and permanent 301 redirects.
The art to SEO is really understanding the importance of each of the SEO factors involved in ranking. One can learn the basics quite quickly but then not understand the relative weighting of each factor or their interaction. We do not agonise on keyword volume or meta keywords, we know how to achieve top ranking in Google, Yahoo and MSN and consistently prove this to new clients.
Monis Syed

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