Please read attentively before placing an order.

Payment Process

By default all payments should be done by a credit card via or – third-party merchant system. However in some cases we may discuss other payment ways e.g. wire transfer, check or another way suitable for both sides.


It-Souls SEO service package is provided as is. A customer is responsible for fulfillment of the recommendations given in the service package. It-Souls SEO does not guarantee that it will give you certain results e.g. search engine positions improvements, increase of traffic etc. In other words this would be up to you, and we just prepare the background for your activity.

Time Measurement

For consulting services – Pricing information for SEO consulting services is based on our hourly rates. But even if you order 1-hour consulting services you will receive the result (written report) not earlier than within 24 hours because after finding an answer to your questions/problems our experts will need to prepare a report that usually takes several more hours to create and approve. In some cases (when the consultation is estimated for 5 or more hours) you may need to wait the result for 2-4 business days.

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